The story of Browcote

Browcote Brows

Our award-winning Waterproof Brow Gel, Browcote continues to generate rave, all-star reviews. This genius product comes with a petite spoolie brush and clear, flexible formula for natural brow taming and hold, or over the top of brow make up to fix in place.

Create your brow look, and brush through with Browcote to set your style.

How to use :

Brows tamed in a few simple steps:

  •  Groom; tame your eyebrows into shape.
  • Colour; colour eyebrows as usual.
  • Cote; evenly brush Browcote through your eyebrows.
  • Set; Allow Browcote to set for a few moments.

Ingredients :

All vegetarian ingredients. Alcohol denat., Butyl stearate, Ethylcellulose. Isopropyl alcohol, Shellac, Hydroxypropylcellulose, Colophonium, Styrax benzoin gum, Aqua (water), parfum (fragance), Benzyl alcohol, Benzyl benzoate, Benzyl salicylate, Cinnamyl alcohol, Cinnamal, Hexy cinnamal, Hydroxycitronellal. Browcote is against animal testing. Browcote contains alcohol and must be kept away from open flames.

Lipcote & Co, Made in Charlbury, Oxford, England OX7 3HH