Q: I’ve tried using Lipcote but it keeps peeling, what’s wrong?

A: If your lipstick is peeling after using Lipcote, then you may have put too much Lipcote on. After blotting in between layers of lipstick finish with one thin sweep of Lipcote on top to ensure a perfect seal.

Q: Why does Lipcote have a bitter taste?

A: Due to Lipcote’s all natural ingredients, from time to time there may be a variation with taste and colour.

Q: Lipcote makes my lips tingle, why?

A: The momentary tingle felt after applying Lipcote means that your lipstick is setting. If you think you might be sensitive, test a little Lipcote on the back of your hand before using. Do not use on dry or cracked lips, or if usual momentary tingling persists.

Q: Is Lipcote suitable for vegetarians?

A: Yes, Lipcote is made using all vegetarian, natural extracts. Lipcote is against animal testing.

Q: Are Lipcote and Browcote cruelty-free?

A: Yes, both are cruelty-free

Q: Are Lipcote and Browcote suitable for vegans?

A: Although both are suitable for vegetarians, Lipcote and Browcote are not suitable for vegans. The reason being that one of the ingredients – shellac, is produced by the lac insect and subsequently harvested for use in many different ways from making plasters to being the resin used on a violin bow. The closest common analogy we can think of is that of honey – if you would be happy using a cosmetic containing honey then you might consider using Lipcote.